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     myBlueprint takes the Annual Education Plan (AEP) online and transforms it into the most engaging and interactive grade 7-12 planning tool available.

     myBlueprint allows students to create plans based on the course calendar at their school providing a realistic way to explore and track their progress.

     myBlueprint instantly calculates apprenticeship, college and university program eligibility based on course selection ensuring students discover the impact of their curricular decisions.

     myBlueprint is the most complete Canadian post-secondary resource saving substantial time for guidance counsellors and providing students with the information they need to make the most informed decisions about their education.

Who uses myBlueprint?

     Grade 7-8 Students: Develops their awareness of secondary school education and motivates them to take an interest in their futures.

     Grade 9-12 Students: Assists their course planning and supports the discovery and exploration of post-secondary opportunities.

     Educators: Implements easily across curriculum and makes staying up-to-date with post-secondary details and requirements simple.

     Parents: Helps them be more involved with their children's education and more informed about the endless opportunities that exist.

Last Modified: Sep 11, 2012
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